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UAG-plasma S20 CASE


In this article we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra case.
The first option that comes is the mnml Samsung Galaxy S20 case,
This case is 0.35 mm thick and there is no case more thin than the mnml case.
Although it does not provide much drop protection it will prevent the daily scratches from happening.


This case is so handy as it does not affect the style of your phone and provides extra protection.
it provides a variety of colors including frosted white frosted black and matte black for the delight of Samsung galaxy s20 phone case lovers.

The second case on the list is the Spigen ultra hybrid which has a rigid polycarbonate back along with tpu bumper that ensures protection and provides a stylish look.
The rear camera and display are safe due to a raised lip and not only that the buttons are also covered.
Accidental drops are prevented by the latest technology which makes sure that in case of an accident your phone is not affected.
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The third option on the list of samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g case is the poetic Karbon shield which is a phone fitting tpu case with slim body and carbon-fiber elements.
This case is not only beautiful but it also enhances the safety of your phone in case of sweating your phone still sticks to your hands.
It also has a raised lip that keeps the camera and displays protected the best thing about this case is that it can also work with screen protectors.

you might be interested in watching the video…. hmmm.

It provides covered buttons and ease of access to everything due to its precise cutouts.

The fourth option on the list is Spigen rugged armour which is a great option and you can call it as one of the best Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra case in the market.

This case prevents shock dispersion due to its spider web pattern and utilizes air cushion technology to ensure safety without thickness.

It has a raised lip that not only provides safety to the camera and display but also to the fingerprint scanner.

UAG plasma is another Samsung Galaxy s20 case it has a hard outer shell and impact resistant-core with having a feather-light style.

UAG-plasma S20 CASE

The reinforced corners and a raised rubber leg add to the safety of your phone this case meets the MIL-STD 810G drop tests which means that it can be trusted.

Ringke fusion x is another Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra 5g case that has a dual-layer design that offers foolproof protection.

It has a transparent hard polycarbonate back which provides protection as well as it does not hide the beauty of your phone. As mentioned earlier it also has a raised lip along with a lanyard hole to connect neck and wrist straps.


ESR metal kickstand case

This is a case that is not bulky but offers the convenience of a built-in kickstand which will please most users as it is easily foldable and you can watch videos and movies while using the ESR case. You can also pop up the phone in both orientations like landscape and portrait and the viewing angle can also be changed.

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