harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review

harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review

harmony elite remote:

Logitech Harmony line is one of the most popular names in making universal remotes and it has earned itself a great reputation in recent times with more advancement with every new version.
The most powerful and latest addition to their production is the harmony elite remote which combines the harmony 950 touch screen universal remote and the harmony hub. It has replaced the harmony ultimate home earlier which was priced at dollar 300 the new version is more advanced and powerful compared to the old one.
The harmony elite remote is capable of controlling both the home devices along with entertainment as it is programmable and easy to use.
It is also cheaper than the custom control system installation for its versatility, ease of use, and power.

harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review harmony elite remote- logitech harmony elite review
Harmony hub:
Harmony hub was launched in the year 2014 and ever since its establishment it is unchanged.

Its size is 1.4 x 4.9 x 4.2 inches and has a glossy blackbuck almost the size of a Roku premiere plus.
Which can easily be placed in your media console and also you can put it in front of your television that way you can easily use it.
There are two IR receivers that can be connected using 2 3.5 mm ports that are placed on the back panel.

There are small plastic lumps that helps you set it in front of almost all relevant devices.

It is powered by a micro USB port placed at the back of the device with includs wall adapter and cable.

harmony elite remote- Logitech harmony elite review

This device is a 7.4 inches long black wand including a 2.5-inch touch screen. There are two separate lists that show the activities and devices connected to it. It helps you set everything on the active device or activity.

Resetting menu is also present on the screen and the harmony app further assists you with the majority of adjustments.
The screen is the main player in letting you access system settings and functions.
However, the remote has a Handy set of physical buttons that lets you to control common activities.
The edges of this remote volume buttons along-with direction pad flanked are present which enables you to control the playback directly.
There are four colored buttons along with a menu present below the belt that consists of home automation buttons along with a dimmer rocker.

The micro USB port is surrounded by two charging contacts placed at the bottom of the remote which helps keep the remote recharged.

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