dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon

dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Airtight Pet Food Container Amazon

Are you looking for a food container that keeps the food fresh and crunchy? Do you love your pets/dogs? Are you worried about the food getting moisture? Then you should buy This Airtight Pet Food Storage Container right now by clicking on the button below.. 🙂

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  • Airtight Dog Food Container Amazon: This pet food container is pest-proof and keeps food fresh as it has an airtight sealing system that doesn’t let moisture in food. 
  • it space-efficient as it comes with a stackable design.
  • Food Storage Container: Its made of a high-quality BPA-free, food-grade HDPE plastic that doesn’t shatter with shocks and can be kept anywhere like barns, garages, & outdoors. It’s perfect for different kinds of food such as treats, dry food, birdseed & horse feed. 
  • Airtight Engineering: The famous Gamma Seal technology is used that has a threaded locking system along with reliable gaskets that ensure a controlled moisture and freshness.
  • Made In USA: GAMMA2, Inc. started their services in 1989 by creating & patenting an airtight container & has always inspired users in the United States by continuously providing quality products. Their storage containers help with pet food staleness & ensure that dry pet food is kept fresh and protected from pests.
  • GAMMA2: Cat and Dog dry food stays nutritious and fresh with a wide range of collection of airtight food containers. Features travel,wall-mounted, pantry & kitchen containers and not just that they have larger containers for large horses and dogs.

dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon dog food container amazon- pet food container amazon


Did you know that pets don’t like stored food from your bag because it loses its natural flavor and freshness?

You may notice your pet not eating as well as he should or observe a slow eating rate after providing him with food stored in a bag or jar. We highly recommend you to protect your investment now and order one of the best dog food container amazon.

Just a simple spin of the lid is what you need to keep its freshness longer without losing its integrity.

Engineered with strength and durability in mind, the Vittles Vault food container is made of food-safe BPA-free and heavy-duty plastic that is durable enough to be stored outdoors and won’t shatter or crack if dropped. It has easy accessibility as a wide front load opening makes it easier to access your pets food and includes a free pet food scoop to make feeding time even more simpler.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: it is highly recommended to thoroughly wash and dry your Vittles Vault Container on a regular basis. Excessive usage gets oils absorb into the plastic which can cause food particles gets stuck in the container and food to become rancid.

So don’t wait more and buy now on, we highly recommend you to read about our specifications of different products like pet gate, pet food container and pet fountain.


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