dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle

dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle

pet corrector spray for dogs from The Company of Animals, Dog Training Spray to Stop Barking and Unwanted Behaviors, Pet Deterrent and Training Spray

Are you disturbed by your dog’s misbehave? Your dog barks too much and steals everything from you? he chases everything and jumps too much then you must order this pet corrector spray now from

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  • The dog corrector spray Stops: Chasing, Barking, Jumping Up, Stealing, and Place Avoidance.
  • It emits compressed gas which calms your dog and interrupts his unwanted behavior
  • Professional trainers and behaviorists use it around the world with great effects. 
  • The best thing about the inert gas is that it is fragranceless and completely safe. It works on most animals including horses, dogs, cats, and more.  
  • Free featuring tips, training guides, and effective instructions are included in every pack that helps you use it easily. 
  • Age range: It is recommended for All Life Stages.

What is Pet Corrector Spray?
The Pet Corrector spray emits a fizz of compressed gas which produces sound (just like white noise) of different frequency varying from a low rumble to a high hiss that helps interrupts a dog’s unwanted behavior.

The main goal is to grab his attention to control him. Different dogs have got a wide range of reactions according to their prior conditioning and hearing sensitivity. However, almost all dogs will react to this dog training spray bottle as the sound is programmed to cause fear by producing sounds like the hiss of a dangerous insect, snake, angry swan, or other dangerous animals.

dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle dog corrector spray- dog training spray bottle

The Pet Corrector Spray For Dogs comes in 3 sizes: the small size is 30ml, Medium is 50ml, large size is 200ml, and a holster for the 50ml size.

Generally, the company of animals pet corrector interrupts many unwanted behaviors from pets/dogs but is most probably used for the following.
unwanted Chasing, Jumping up, Teasing, Barking, Stealing food, Place avoidance
and it comes with an essential combination tool with reward-based training methods that makes it second to none.

Other Uses

This spray is not just useful for dogs, it can also be used for horses. If your horse has a tendency of chasing and biting sheeps like the one in Dr Mugford’s farm in the UK. Another horse likes chewing rail fences and posts both the tendencies can be interrupted, by the pet corrector even from a distance.

Cats are also widely kept across the US and around the globe. They can also have tendencies such as scratching posts, stalking and catching birds and get your food dirty. All these can be interrupted The dog corrector spray.

It is important to note that training should always be fun so keep them short and finish on a positive note. You can learn more about other useful accessories to help improve your pet’s behavior on this page.

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